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Lai would like to make a public announcement saying that terrible wigs are a crime and must be stopped. So that means it’s tutorial time .

You know those wigs that got a massive fringe and never part like they supposed to, covering most of the dolls face. People end up using oversized hair clips and the whole thing looks ridiculous…? Yeah those ones. Well here is an easy fix.
Lai volunteered to demonstrate . His one is pretty simple but the idea is the same all around.

What you need is Glue. Yep…just simple PVA. It dries clear and holds strong.Easy to wash off too. Human hairgel can get tacky and gross but PVA holds shape and doesn’t get sticky. It’s great for fixing curls too.

Now wash your hands really well. Any dirt and it will clump. Then squeeze some glue and rub over the fringe or any part of the wig, like braids or whatever else you want to style.

So just flick the fringe to the side and twist the edges of each flick. Just experiment until you like it ^^ .

Tada <3 Lai is all gorgeous again.

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